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INTEGRI-TEK Officially Launches; Strategic Advisors, Familiar Faces and Market Disruptors

HOUSTON, Texas – INTEGRI-TEK, a strategic advisor in the area of data analytics, asset knowledge management and business intelligence for Energy Infrastructure Systems, will officially launch on April 26, 2022, in Houston, Texas. INTEGRI-TEK will offer its clients a digital foundation to better support project development, operations, maintenance and integrity management of midstream assets, renewables, and the energy transition.  This is accomplished by increasing the efficiency of data management, GIS, and business intelligence systems.

The launch of INTEGRI-TEK provides the energy industry with new ideas and technology, which is what this team has been known for over the last 25 years. Providing extensive years of experience, the company’s team of industry-leading pipeline data, GIS, and business intelligence experts contribute to INTEGRI-TEK’s edge. 

Specifically, the company’s President and CEO, Ed Wiegele, is long known for his leadership and management in the Energy and Renewables industry with nearly 40 years of domestic and international experience.  

“Our entrepreneurial can-do attitude changed the way the industry builds and operates pipelines today.  Whether it is the creation of first mover technology to support the industry or the completion of the most difficult projects in the world, we have a fearless attitude and a drive to succeed.” Wiegele says. “This translates to successful projects and successful client initiatives in every project we tackle.”  

INTEGRI-TEK is establishing themselves as a major player in the energy infrastructure marketplace through their focus on increased visibility of assets and data, decreasing the risk of new infrastructure builds, and optimizing in-ground assets for operations. Concentrating on the constantly changing system of pipeline upgrades and replacements as well as increased regulation, INTEGRI-TEK is committed to managing risk and prioritizing work regarding the capitalization of data as an asset, building efficient GIS and business intelligence systems, and the management of cloud and data systems.

INTEGRI-TEK’s Leadership Team, Ed Wiegele, John Utley, Luke Hutmacher and Monique Roberts, will drive a strategic plan centered on data integrity and operational efficiencies with the goal of providing successful, safe, timely and profitable solutions that improve clients’ infrastructure and optimize in-ground assets. 
For more information about INTEGRI-TEK and to register for an upcoming webinar on “Who We Are and Where We Are Going”, visit or email