Industries we serve

Committed to the success of your projects, INTEGRI-TEK™ provides you with the most comprehensive, end-to-end asset knowledge management for Energy Infrastructure Systems. Our teams draw on decades of experience and deploy strategic consulting and technology services to help Energy Companies improve business intelligence and asset knowledge management.  We apply our expertise to the Midstream, Downstream, Energy Transition and Renewables markets for the most comprehensive support of the asset lifecycle.  Through the use of custom data-driven solutions, analytics, and GIS, we increase the visibility of assets and data for compliance and enhanced business decisions.  Our processes and technology decrease the risk of new infrastructure builds and optimize the efficiency and safety of in-ground assets.

A constantly changing energy infrastructure landscape coupled with maintaining legacy systems, upgrades, and replacements calls for our expertise in creating efficient workflows, managing risk and prioritizing projects.  Accurate, validated, and well-maintained data and GIS systems provide insight and reliability of information for the complex systems needed to manage risk and prioritize work. Our consultants deploy a comprehensive set of services to help you maximize results from your operations, capitalize on data as an asset, and building intelligent systems to ensure data integrity. 

new builds

new energy infrastructure

  • Midstream Pipeline (Natural Gas, Liquids, CO2) Pipeline & Facility Projects
  • Energy Transition Projects
  • Renewables Projects

operations & maintenance

existing energy infrastructure

  • Midstream & Downstream (Natural Gas, Liquids, CO2) Pipeline & Facility
  • Gas Utilities, LDCs, Coops
  • Small Operators & Municipalities