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Pipeline GIS System Assessments

Asset Management, Regulatory Compliance and Risk 

Recently, new PHMSA and state rules have been altering common pipeline operations. The Gas Mega Rule, Hazardous Liquids Rule, and the Gas Gathering Final Rule are just a few examples. These new regulations are changing pipeline operations and integrity tasks: requiring efficiencies for in-ground assets, opportunistic field data capture, methane reductions and an overall focus on data accuracy, transparency, traceability, and reliability.

Pipeline Safety & Operational Efficiency Challenges

The new rules and standards increase pipeline safety and create an opportunity for operators to effectively manage, prioritize, and capitalize their operations.  INTEGRI-TEK assists by integrating processes, data, and records for stakeholders – utilizing existing data and technology. When faced with deploying an enterprise data management and GIS system, companies may have issues with balancing time, resources, and funds to keep up with the rapid evolutions in technology.  Our Business Intelligence Experts support companies with these challenges while leveraging existing tools and data.

A constantly changing energy infrastructure landscape, new regulatory requirements and maintaining legacy systems, upgrades, and replacements calls for our expertise in creating efficient workflows, managing risk and prioritizing projects. Accurate, validated, and well-maintained data and an enterprise GIS system is crucial in providing insight and data reliability for the complex systems needed to manage risk and prioritize work. 

INTEGRI-TEK provides proven industry standard technologies, models, and best practices to ensure healthy and reliable pipeline and facility system data. Our strategic advisory services start with data assessments and technical roadmaps.  These drive efficiencies and a company specific plan for GIS and data enterprise implementations, data validation, data hosting and modeling.


INTEGRI-TEK’s team of familiar faces are industry experts in business intelligence, data capitalization, and integrity management. Specializing in building GIS, cloud, and data management systems, our team thoroughly establishes ongoing data integrity and safe operation of energy transportation infrastructure. 

Our services are specific to pipeline and facility operations as well as information systems best practices, including data development and validation while ensuring data models and systems are built for your current needs and future goals.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

INTEGRI-TEK believes in measuring twice and cutting once. Our system Assessments are a phased approach to cost-effective planning to ensure current and future compliance with regulations, including:

  • Discovery Workshops
  • Gap Analysis
  • Roadmap Action Plans

Working closely with our clients is essential to provide a path to data and GIS systems that are standardized, verifiable and complete. Our Team is committed to making your system easy to maintain, accessible to your entire organization and simple for your end-users.

System Assessments result i design of efficient models and processes with a single authoritative set of data management tools, data model and structure.

This happens by partnering with your stakeholders to fully define functional and business goals upfront. We then focus on integration of pipeline integrity, compliance, regulatory reporting, operational requirements, and usability for an ever-changing pipeline system.