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INTEGRI-TEK, founded in 2020, draws on decades of experience and deploys strategic consulting and technology services to help Energy Companies improve business intelligence and asset knowledge management. The team applies their expertise to the Midstream, Downstream, Energy Transition and Renewables markets for the most comprehensive support of the asset lifecycle.

Everyone loves an origin story! In this webinar, Ed Wiegele, John Utley and Luke Hutmacher will explain how they got started with data management, business intelligence and GIS over 25 years ago and discuss what the big ideas were then and what they are now. Their experience has helped shape where the industry is now so tune in for their ideas about the future of asset knowledge management for the energy industry.

In this Webinar, the team will discuss how past industry trends and lessons learned have shaped the future of asset knowledge management. Topics will include:

• How energy is now described in ways that include renewables, energy transition, CO2, hydrogen, storage and the new realities we all face.

• Driving better business decisions with greater asset visibility using data-driven solutions, analytics, and GIS.

• How Digital Twins impact sophisticated analysis, system implementations and technology development. • Data transparency and how it can be leveraged to decrease the risk of new infrastructure builds and optimize the operations and safety of in-ground assets.

• Our entrepreneurial approach which has changed the way the industry builds and operates pipelines today.

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