innovators with a legacy

INTEGRI-TEK’s size enables the company to offer its clients deep expertise in all sectors of the Energy industry. With over 40 years of experience in operations, technology development and delivery of services to the industry, it is the go-to adviser for energy-operating companies.

Our entrepreneurial can-do attitude changed the way we build and operate pipelines today.  Whether it is the creation of first mover technology to support the industry or the completion of the most difficult projects in the world, we have a fearless attitude and a drive to succeed.  This translates to successful projects and successful client initiatives in every project we tackle.


INTEGRI-TEK has an excellent safety track record and a valued culture of exceeding expectations and provides the most the most time and cost-efficient services to your projects without sacrificing quality. Our team is committed to these ethics on every project, for every discipline, and every task. INTEGRI-TEK will deliver safe, efficient, and quality services to your projects.

industry engagement

INTEGRI-TEK is committed to engaging with the industry through direct work with operators as well as active involvement with industry organizations.