what we do

Now more than ever, visibility and optimization of in-ground assets are vital to our industry. The public is focused on pipelines and the energy future, new regulations are calling for data transparency and opportunistic field data capture. ESG initiatives and methane reduction are essential in the energy industry and are paramount to effectively operating core infrastructure.  

Asset knowledge is essential to confident compliance, enterprise risk management, and the basis for a modern operator’s management systems. As most significant incidents have shown, asset knowledge is paramount to safe operations. INTEGRI-TEK helps its clients quantify this risk to support needed system improvements.

business intelligence

We feel Business Intelligence is essential for helping companies make informed decisions based on accurate data. Our experience in working with existing asset and cost data collected and stored by our clients allows INTEGRI-TEK to provide answers to difficult questions in record time. Necessary for enterprise risk management and confident compliance, this serves as the base for a modern operator’s management systems.

INTEGRI-TEK helps clients develop data management architecture, system specific analysis, and transparent dashboards for safer, more efficient operations. We are committed to helping our clients understand their asset and its surroundings by creating these beneficial systems.

data management & maintenance

We consult our clients on how to manage data required for safe operations as a true asset useful in driving operational rigor, risk informed decision making, and continuous improvement and quality. Focusing on the importance of data ownership and governance, INTEGRI-TEK ensures existing problems do not recur after being fixed.

We offer solutions on how to strategically record missing data elements through the use of field personnel, recognizing future data needs, and developing repeatable practices for obtaining information.

gis & technology

INTEGRI-TEK enhances pipeline safety for clients through the utilization of GIS technology. By authorizing data integration and risk profiles for operator pipeline safety, we enforce pipeline regulatory requirements through a crucial GIS system, ensuring safety to a higher degree. Accurate, validated and well-maintained data allow operators to manage risk and prioritize work through visible, reliable information.

Our team of highly experienced industry experts is committed to ensuring data integrity to our clients by effectively assembling GIS, cloud and data management systems.

integrity & compliance

We specialize in data compliance and integrity and are dedicated to addressing the recent changes in the regulatory landscape. This change has prompted our experienced team of data integrity and compliance experts to focus more on navigating our clients’ data for regulatory, integrity and compliance tasks. New gas and hazardous liquids regulations are now more attentive to data integration, transparency, reliability, accuracy, integrity and processes.